Reunion Resort Review and Guide

Reunion Resort GuideTotalorlando are one of the largest private vacation home listing sites covering Reunion Resort Orlando, and they’ve just published their Reunion Resort Review & Guide.

It looks a simple enough article, but the links through to reviews of all of the resort pools, restaurants, golfing and tennis facilities, along with the water park are some of the most detailed I’ve seen.
We’ve spotted a few improvements and emailed them over to the totalorlando team, but also feel free to contact them with any suggestions through their contact form.

This is another great example of independent businesses doing their best to promote the resort, despite the apparent lack of goodwill that Reunion shows the private owners that have kept the resort in business over the worst years of the recession.

Needless to say, we thoroughly give our backing to and all of the fabulous independent property managers on Reunion Resort.
They’ve all done a fabulous job of keeping this beautiful resort in business, and they truly do deserve all of the recognition and support that they can get for their loyal efforts!

Jeeves Announce Partnership To Manage Encore’s Luxury Homes at Reunion

I got word this morning that Jeeves Vacation Homes are now official partners with the Encore Club at Reunion, offering property management services to their exciting new luxury resort development at Reunion.

Over the coming years, Encore will be developing a ‘Resort within a Resort’ at Reunion, and guests staying in the privately owned homes will have access to the exclusive Encore Club House and Water Park.
Owners of the new homes at Encore will also be able to join the Reunion Resort membership program.

Jeeves have also launched an Encore Club at Reunion Blog to promote their luxury homes and latest news about the resort’s development.

Reunion Resort Rental Program

2014-08-06 12.41.15

Today we received a copy of the official Reunion Resort and Club Vacation Rental Program proposal in our mail.

Reading through the very kind offer to manage our luxury home on Reunion, we couldn’t help think that Reunion may have overlooked the simple fact that they ‘haven’t exactly won us over’ as a potential partner during the last few years.

Customer care should never be selective, and sometimes it is quite difficult to comprehend that we are in fact, Reunion Resort members, despite faithfully promoting the resort’s amenities and restaurants to all of our guests.
(Reunion appears to have made it harder for private home guests to use the resort amenities, and various services such as ‘in room dining’ and the ‘resort shuttle bus’, have been withdrawn for our guests)

Quite ‘what on earth’ Reunion could offer us to switch from using our independent property manager is beyond us, especially now that we’ve built a trusting relationship.
With regards to reservation performance, we fail to see any mind blowing occupancy rates on the existing Officially managed Reunion properties, and nor do we feel that our privately managed home’s occupancy is lacking, (despite the increasing difficulty in offering our guests access to the resort’s amenities).

When it comes to profitability, sure, saving a couple hundred dollars a month on membership with the new Official program sounds appealing, but no way does that make sense to us, when you consider the 30% booking commission that Reunion is applying to reservations.

We’re glad we list our home with an independent property management company, but most importantly that we can reach the owners of the business personally, any day of the year.

Updated Post
We’ve just compared the P&L for our own particular 5 Bedroom Estate home and using the latest offer from Reunion our calculations, we would be over $12kpa* worse off if we switched to Reunion Resort’s Official Rental Program.
(This would be even worse, by the time you add in costs to re-equip the home for rental with Reunion)


  • Comparison to one of Reunion’s private management companies
  • Identical night rates
  • Owner pays cleaning costs for bookings over 7 days (50% of bookings)
  • Utilities the same
  • 50% off Social membership from Reunion
  • 70% rental income from Reunion
  • 60% occupancy (as we currently attain)
  • No management fee from Reunion

Please note, that we must point out that every home will understandably differ, and utility costs, occupancy levels etc will vary between homes, but we think that our own situation shows a realistic comparison between our chosen independent property manager and our current understanding of the Official Reunion Resort Rental program.

Encore Club at Reunion Launches New Site

EncoreThe Encore Club at Reunion is the new name that will almost certainly shape the future of Reunion as a leading vacation resort in the Disney area.
This month, their new webdomain and marketing brand appeared instead of the former offering a tiny glimpse of how things are likely to shape up once work finally begins this year.  To take a quick look visit either the old site or clcik on this new link to see the initial information that we could probably expect to see updated very soon.

At the moment, the site is a very colorful single page that offers information on the 11 models of luxury homes that range from 2295sqft through to 4724sqft.  No detailed floor plans are yet on display, and only starting prices offered as $339,000, for the eleven models of 4 to 10 bedroom homes that look set to be built soon.

The amenities are without doubt the most hotly anticipated and Encore Club will offer owners;

• Club pool with sloped, beach-like entry
• Water park with long, twisting water slides and splash pool
• Spa therapy pool
• Clubhouse with guest check-in, restaurant, bar and lounge and fitness center
• Grand lawn and play area
• Tennis courts
• Basketball court
• Beach volleyball court
• Children’s playground
• 24-hour concierge

The web page goes on to mention that Encore Club homeowners may also join the Reunion Resort membership program to be able to use the 3 PGA golf courses and Water Park.
No mention is made about existing Reunion members being able to use the Encore Club amenities, but it may be safe to assume not.

The Encore Club sales office is currently listed as being located at:
7715 Heritage Crossing Way
Reunion, Florida 3474

Monday – Saturday  9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday  12:00pm – 5:00pm
855.396.9020 toll free

It will be really interesting to see how the Encore project rolls out and lets all hope that the Encore development creates a competitive spirit that drives improved member relations with Reunion Resort’s management.

Reunion Resort Golf – Nearby Courses

Just a quick note to say that we are currently researching for an article to highlight good alternative golf courses that guests of Reunion private rentals properties may use throughout their stay at the resort.
We will list the best suggestions for alternative golf courses in a Reunion Resort Golfing post and we can also include any special rates that you know of for your own guests.

Obviously, we still want to encourage our guests to play and support Reunion’s fabulous golf team, but we definitely feel the need to offer great alternatives, should guests want to play more often than the house guest policy permits.

Hopefully, we can work together to make this a great resource for guests staying in the independently managed homes that form the majority of Reunion’s vacation rental home inventory!